Wedge Wire – Sieve Bends

Weldcraft’s sieve bend range has been designed to specifically and purposely separate fine solids from slurry for many varied applications such as civil, minerals, agriculture, food processing, wood chip and waste water industries.

Our Sieve bend has been developed with the correct formulas for your specific flow rate, supplying a wedge wire screen aperture specific to your filtering needs.

Low maintenance solution for applications all over the world.

Like all Weldcraft wedge wire products & filtration screens, our sieve bends have an long life, ensuring our customers sieve bends run at maximum operational efficiency. 


Key features are:

  • Correct aperture for your flow rate
  • Size designed according to your flow rate
  • Custom build to your material requirements and medium of material being filtered.
  • We supply the correct materials for your specific needs..