Steel Fabrication

Weldcraft fabricates a wide variety of items for use in various industrial applications with 30 years experience in the steel fabrication and filtration. Weldcraft makes use of the latest manufacturing equipment and tools to ensure that we deliver the highest level of quality products to our clients.

List of tools and machines:

CNC Laser Cutting

Welding Machines


All Machining

Drilling Machines

Punching Machines

Our Workshop are able to manufacture items from the following material:

Carbon Steel such as mild steel

Stainless Steel 304 & 316





Materials are then selected according to each client’s requirements with typical examples being:

Desalination plant piping and tanks

Filtration of using our wedge wire cylindrical screens with various apertures

Inline filter housing and Manifolds

Screens and Filters both standard and client specific

Cylindrical wedge wire Screens

Flat panel Wedge wire Screens

Wedge Wire Sieve Bends

We are able to produce one of custom designed items or small to medium volume production of a specific item our clients may require.